Since when is eating rice “sick”?

Donnerstag, Juli 8, 2010

I just came across a list of the “27 sickest things you’ve done to save money” which contained (among some truly funny sick stuff) these two items:

15. Rice with cinnamon for breakfast, rice with soy sauce for lunch, rice with ketchup for dinner. If I was feeling very saucy (!) I would mix the soy sauce and ketchup.

14. One winter we ate rabbit about 6 times per week and I was sucky at cooking it.

I wonder if it occurred to the readers who sent this in or the staff at the consumerist who put it on the list, that there are more than1 billion people on this planet who suffer from hunger. They would be glad to have rice three times a day and will never in their (short) lifes get to eat rabbit!

Eating rice day in and day out just to save a couple of bucks may seem like a stupid or even sick thing to do. But when you think about it: It takes a lot of discipline and willpower to carry this through (especially when you think of all the advertisements), as well as courage in the face of friends, family and colleagues who might call you crazy – or sick.

But considering a billion hungry people, eating just rice is not sickening at all. Actually, it’s exemplary! What’s really sick is the mindset we’re stuck in which has us believing that an irresponsible lifestyle is the only appropriate lifestyle.

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